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How you live is your business

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There is something just not right about our world and it involves the self centred, self serving nature of people.

As ignorant as the words of Margaret Court are, I will defend her right to voice them and in doing so, give voice to her deep insecurities.

Margaret Court has been in the news a lot lately, perhaps more than she deserves. She has attracted media attention for voicing her objections to gay marriage and her intention to boycott Qantas because of its CEO's comments in support of gay marriage.

How you live is your business, not the church's - and certainly not Margaret Court's.

How you live is your business, not the church's - and certainly not Margaret Court's. Picture: iStock

The one-time tennis champion is today a business woman, who earns her living selling a view of the world to a devoted crowd every Sunday. As such, it is very good public relations for Mrs Court to be in the media selling a view of marriage shared by her primary target market.

This is her right. She also has the right to express her view on gay marriage and boycott Qantas if she wants to. I applaud anyone who will endure flying Virgin in order to punish Qantas. I am strongly of the view that while many will disagree with Mrs Court, she has every right to do as she is doing and inform the media of her intentions.

What I struggle with is why the media gives Mrs Court so much attention and why anyone, including Margaret Court, would be so insecure that they want to inflict their views on others.

I have a business and I would love the media to give me coverage when I am talking to my primary target market, but they will not do it. If Mrs Court can promote her business in the media, why can’t I. I know I lack her profile, but my business is not less legitimate than hers.

What is more, God did not say in the Old Testament that I should not do what I do, but that same book does say that only men should preach the word of God. Maybe I am in the wrong business. Maybe I should find a God and get out there and make a great living selling his book.

I also struggle with the decision of Mrs Court to tell other people how to live their lives - and the importance religious people seem to place on having others live as they do. Gay people are not telling her to become gay, but she is telling them not to marry. Gay people are not telling her not to sell her book, but she wants to tell them how to live.

I think religion is Iron Age waffle, which can only be believed by the insecure, frightened and hoodwinked. But Mrs Court has the right to sell it all she likes to whoever she wants and, to the best of my knowledge, no gay person has ever tried to stop her. I will defend to the death her right to do this.

I will also, on that basis, defend the right of gay people to marry.

What Mrs Court does on a Sunday morning is none of my business. What gay people do in terms of marriage is none of my business. Neither one affects me and neither one has anything to do for me.

I would have thought that if gay marriage was a sin and there was a God, then gay people who married would have to address that with God when they died. In other words, it is a matter between them and their God.

To me, this highlights a critical issue in relation to religion. Why are they so obsessed with people sinning in a way that does not affect anyone else on the planet? Why do they not just leave these issues for God to sort out? If gay people or any other people are sinning, then surely that's a matter for them and their God. It is the business of no one else.

Mrs Court may be right. There may be a God and that God may not approve of gay marriage, but that is not her concern, given that she is not gay and is not intending to marry a gay person.

I cannot help but think that Margaret is doling what is good for business.

Beyond that, I cannot help but think that people like Mrs Court and the people that support her are just insecure.

They are so unsure of themselves and their choices, that they want to make sure everyone else reaffirms them. They are so insecure and fearful of dying and decaying that they need to do whatever they can to earn a place in a mythical Heaven.

I really feel sorry for them. I would hate to be that insecure!

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