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Review: Dinner at Ivy & Jack

About Fussy

Like most people, I love eating and drinking. But I hate the bullshit most reviewers offer as standard fare.

Value for money is more important than the product or price.

Ultimately, no matter what you are buying, value for money is the critical measure. What matters most is not what you pay or what you get, but rather, what you get for what you pay. I would have thought that nothing is more important than value.

Ivy & Jack represents great value for money.

Ivy & Jack represents great value for money. Picture: Facebook

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Few restaurants I have been to recently represent better value for money than Ivy and Jack in the heart of the Perth CBD, within the Holiday Inn on Hay Street.

Here is my evaluation:

-Location - 4

-Parking – 3

-Fit out – 3

-Atmosphere – 3

-Speed of service – 4

-Informed service – 5

-Appeal of the menu – 3

-Standard of the wine list - 3

-Quality of food – 4

-Price - 5

-Overall experience – 4

Ivy and Jack will probably never win a Gold Plate and will certainly struggle with a Michelin star rating, but for the prices charged it is hard to imaging much better value. At $50 for two for mineral water, two very good main courses and a tea in the centre of the city, it is hard to argue with the value offered by Ivy and Jack.

The location was convenient, although the parking was difficult, as you would expect in the centre of the city. That said, most nights there is street parking not far away.

The fit out is simple, but interesting and engaging. The atmosphere is as you would expect of a café-style restaurant with views of the street and a long, narrow space. I thought it was warm and welcoming.

The service was reasonably prompt and very friendly, helpful and informed. The staff made my friend and I feel most welcome. While young, the staff knew their stuff and provided assistance where required.

I lament the fact that the only viable vegetarian dish on the menu was a mushroom risotto, as the only other vegetarian dish was laden with pumpkin, a food I do not like at all. While I am a little tired of risotto and gnocchi being the standard vegetarian options on restaurant menus, this risotto was fantastic. My friend tells me that her duck was, too.

The quality of the food was high, much higher than I have come to expect from restaurants attached to three or four-star hotels.

The prices offered great value and the overall experience was great.

This is not a class act restaurant and does not profess to be. It is, however, a great place to eat and great value for money.

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