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How to stay relevant at work

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Companies are moving toward automation over human skills. Here's what you need to do to stay relevant at work.

The $156-billion Indian IT industry, often called the biggest job creator in the organised sector, is seeing a tectonic shift in recruitment, according to a report I read recently.

Embrace training to stay relevant in an ever-changing workplace.

Embrace training to stay relevant in an ever-changing workplace. Picture: Shutterstock

What this equates to is that people just are no longer being recruited into base entry jobs.

Interestingly, this used to be the foundation of the Indian IT industry - making it the global software and IT powerhouse that we know today.

Read more from Thomas: What on earth is a Xennial? 

But today, companies are opting for automation over human skills. This can be worrying.

If this is the situation in a booming economy like India, what can we expect to see in Australia, which is a developed nation?

I have heard of the golden age of WA when the mines were open and people had money to spend. When the industry stopped, the workforce became redundant. This is almost the case everywhere in the country, irrespective of what the industry is. You are no longer relevant.

Please don't start to feel hopeless and think there is no future, because that is not the truth.

Companies today do recruit and keep people - so long as they are willing to evolve and adapt. People are often made redundant, not because they aren't needed, but because they refuse to adopt change.

I recall a conversation with one acquaintance, someone in his 60s who is pretty good at what he does. His boss asked him what he wanted to do and how he saw himself growing in the company. He replied that he would like to keep doing what he did, and that he did not want to go anywhere.

Have you undergone training or enrolled in extra study to stay relevant? Share your experiences in the comments below. 

How to Future Proof Your Career | Jacob Morgan | TEDxAcademy

 His boss was insistent, I suspect because he wanted this man to keep his job and some more training would help improve his skill sets. This, in turn, would make him a valuable resource to the company. But my friend kept insisting he was happy where he was.

The irony here was that my friend thought his boss was being ‘pushy’. I saw it as a mindset.

So, if I were to a throw a stone into the water, I would hazard a guess that the ageing workforce is made irrelevant not because the company wants to get them out, but because of their mindset in not wanting change.

Change, it seems, is the only constant for the youngsters.

If you want to seem indispensable, you must make yourself that way. There are a few senior personnel today (the smart ones) who have worked for the same company. They are part of the furniture there. Only because they trained themselves and acquired skill sets when they had to.

They are still doing the same thing, but they are not asked to leave because of obvious reasons. That is what is needed today.

The older folks need to be a bit more understanding and patient. Things always happen for the good - if you see it that way.

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