11 days until Christmas!

Christmas: Love it or hate it?

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What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story and you could win.

Christmas. It's a crazy time of year that pushes many to the edge.

What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story with us> Picture: Shutterstock.

What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story with us> Picture: Shutterstock

For Christians, it's still a deeply religious time, marking the birth of Christ.

Read more: Christmas is a sham!

But for the broader community, it's a time of back-to-back festivities, reconnecting with friends and family, blowing big dollars on gifts and food, and paying the price of commercialism at a later date.

And sadly, for a growing number of Australians, it marks one of the loneliest times of year.

Here at YsPeople, we want to know what Christmas means to you personally. Yes, you!

Is it your time to spoil the grandchildren, donate to the less fortunate and give thanks for everything you are grateful for?

Or is Christmas a harsh reminder of people and times lost? If so, how do you push through the sadness? 

Post with us and you could win: Share your story to win six bottles of wine

The best submissions will be published here in coming weeks. 

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