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Why has Terry Crews been abandoned?

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One Hollywood victim is being ignored amid the recent allegations of sexual assault in the industry and the #metoo campaign. And it's disgraceful.

With the recent allegations of sexual assault in Hollywood and the #metoo campaign, a certain celebrity is being overlooked -- and not being given the same dignity or respect as other victims.

Terry Crews on Good Morning America.

Terry Crews on Good Morning America

Terry Crews, who you may know for his roles in White Chicks and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, recently revealed that he was sexually assaulted at a party in 2016 by Adam Venit, a significant figure in Hollywood, in front of Crews' wife. 

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Crews, a former NFL player and current actor is well renowned for not only his talent, but also standing up to unprofessional behaviour in the workplaces he has operated in. He once described the NFL as a cult, with neglectful doctors who recklessly prescribed painkillers and overlooked concussions, as well as coaches and executives who treated players like disposable assets. 

Crews alleges that Venit (who he had never met) made seductive faces at Crews, before grabbing his genitals repeatedly and aggressively, despite being told multiple times to stop. Crews promptly left the party, with Adam Sandler calling him later to check up on him. 

Crews says that in the moment he wanted to hit Venit, but knew that would have been the end of his career and potentially a prison sentence, as headlines would have read "‘240lb black man stomps out Hollywood honcho" .

Crews stayed relatively silent about these issues until recently, appearing on Good Morning America to out Venit. He claims to have stayed silent for so long due to fear for his future career prospects, because of Venit's significant power in the industry.

Terry Crews: Speaks Out On Being Victim Of Sexual Harassment - GMA

Crews seemingly has the world against him, with nobody else supporting him, including Ari Emmanuel (who once demanded Mel Gibson be blacklisted for anti-semitic remarks) Crews remixed a 2006 letter written by Emanuel that demanded Gibson be held accountable for his anti-Semitism.

In the new letter, Crews simply replaced Gibson’s name with Adam Venit’s and the term “anti-semitism” with “sexual assault” and gave it to Emanuel, who returned it saying "it's different".

This double standard is absolutely disgusting, as is the disparity in support between other victims and Crews (a physically imposing African-American man). 

Many have even stooped to criticising Crews, such as daytime talk host Wendy Williams. 

Why do you think this is?

Is it because of our expectation for people who look like Terry Crews to be strong macho men, who cannot be sexually assaulted?

What makes Crews' allegation any less serious than that of all the other victims who are receiving immense support?

It's horrifying to see Crews, one of my favourite actors, being treated with such blatant disrespect.

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