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Knives: your best friend in the kitchen

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About Thomas

I write because I can type. I can type because I have a keyboard.

I am a new age Australian resident that is experiencing this new continent with a fresh set of eyes. 

I write on a wide range of topics. Well, I write on food. There you have it, I write on a wide range of food as well. 

The king of the kitchen utensils needs your respect and care. Here's how and why.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from most people in the kitchen is that their knives are not sharp enough.

Care for your knives.

Care for your knives. Pic: Shutterstock

Yet in most cases, these people seem to have absolute disregard for taking care of their utensils. If you leave your knife in the sink for hours in a moist condition, it is bound to become blunt.

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A good knife is an expensive proposition. It is no ordinary kitchen utensil. It's your right hand in making meals, so you must treat it with the utmost care. No matter how sharp a blade is, it's a fragile piece of equipment that can be dinged, banged and damaged when mistreated.

Here are some basic steps you can take to care for your knives. Treat your blade right and it'll reward you.

NEVER leave your knives in the kitchen sink.

The blade can get scratched, or even worse, the tip can bend or break. As soon as you've finished using your knife, wash it, dry it and put it away in a safe place.

ALWAYS use cutting boards.

Marble, glass, granite or any solid surface is too hard for the blade. Stick with wooden cutting boards, they're the gentlest.

NEVER store your knives in the utensil drawer.

The blade can easily get scratched or dented from being jostled around in the drawer when you open it. If you don't have any other place for storage, use a knife sheath to guard the blade.

ALWAYS wash your knives by hand.

Do not put them in the dishwasher. Washing by hand will ensure proper care. Just be careful of the blade and use only a limited amount of soap.

REGULARLY sharpen the blade.

There are many ways to do this: with a honing steel, a knife stone, or even send it out to a professional. Do it before a preparation of a meal. And when you are done. Ensure that you keep it clean and in a dry place.

Remember these simple steps and you will see that your knives not only last longer, they will also stay sharp.

Do you have any tips and tricks for utensil care in the kitchen? Do share!

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