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Because a good pun is its own reword

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Who else loves a good pun? You can enjoy these and then share yours here.

I absolutely love a good pun.  I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I think puns are one of the best forms of humour. 

Here are four fabulous examples off the internet for you.

1.) News headline

This screenshot of a news broadcast is an absolute crack up.

This screenshot of a news broadcast is an absolute crack up. (Uploaded to Reddit by u/Morty_Goldman)


This headline is sure to get a few giggling

2. A hairy situation

The secret stache! (Uploaded to Reddit by u/ryankrameretc).

The secret stache! (Uploaded to Reddit by u/ryankrameretc)


The story behind this is hilarious. A man moved out of shared accommodation, but hid a fake moustache for his former roommates to find. Months later, when it was discovered, he exclaimed: "You've found my secret stache!"

3. Boeing!

This pun is just plane wrong.

Boeing! (Uploaded to Reddit by u/_Finn_G).

Boeing! (Uploaded to Reddit by u/_Finn_G)


4. A timely matter

This Cyanide and Happiness comic strip is a crack up! (Credit to Cyanide and Happiness).

This Cyanide and Happiness comic strip is a crack up! (Credit to Cyanide and Happiness)


This Cyanide & Happiness comic strip is one of the best puns ever!

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