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F**k boofhead Barnaby and moralising Malcolm

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The grubbiness of the Barnaby Joyce affair shows there is pain ahead for many, including the good voters of Australia.

With moralising Malcolm Turnbull as our Prime Minister and boofhead Barnaby Joyce as our Deputy Prime Minister, is it any wonder that we have lost faith in politicians?

Boofhead and Moralising.

Boofhead and Moralising.

Now, this rant is not about politics. I express no view on the policies and politics of the two men in question, or Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek, who are working hard to score political points from the boofhead behaviour of Barnaby and the feigned moral stance Malcolm has taken.

As far as I am concerned, there are no saints in this bunch. Everyone has a vested interest -- and are doing what ever they can to serve that interest.

Barnaby, like all ‘good politicians’, is putting his own interests ahead of all else.

He will have sex with who he wants, when he wants, call her a partner when he wants (and only when he wants), moralise about marriage when it suits him, and screw up his wife’s life because it is easier than being up front and transparent, while dragging his daughters lives through his wars.

At the same time, Barnaby is causing damage to his party, the government and potentially the nation. This is all because it serves him better to stay in office rather than step aside and allow another National Party member to become the Leader and Deputy Prime Minister.

It is all about Barnaby!

Moralising Malcolm is not much better.

He announces that Barnaby will be taking leave, empowering the Opposition to have a field day attacking Barnaby in Question Time a short time later.

Then he calls a media conference and suggests that Barnaby reflect on his position, rather than having that conversation in private where it belongs. He then announces a standard that Ministers can no longer have sex with their staff, when two things are very clear.

Firstly, moralising Malcolm lacks the courage to enforce existing ministerial standards, a number of which, it appears, Barnaby has already broken.

Secondly, moralising Malcolm already knows that enforcing his new standard will be almost impossible while causing all kinds of other problems, including encouraging the media to investigate the sex lives of Ministers.

Then we come to Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek.

While much of what they say is undoubtedly true, none of it is said with any objective other than scoring political points, and all of it is being said, in the full knowledge that Julie Bishop may have been the only political leader this week who spoke the unabridged truth when she said: "People in glass houses should not throw stones.''

If you ask me, this is very good advice, particularly in the light of the ALP attack on the Liberal and National parties over the number of MPs they endorsed who were dual citizens. That one has certainly come back to bite the ALP.

Further, my understanding -- from talking to many federal Members of Parliament and senators over the years -- is that so many them are having sex with staff, and many others, for that matter.

There are no saints here.

There is no high ground here.

There is no good news here for anyone. There is pain ahead for many, including the good voters of Australia.

For that, I say f**k boofhead Barnaby and moralising Malcolm!

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