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Do you remember these classic TV shows?

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I have lived a lot of years and the more years I have lived, the fewer answers i have found. I hope that by engaging here we can discover some answers together.

Five of my all-time favourite TV shows from the 1960s still hold up today, thanks to cleverly written dialogue and entertaining storylines.

Do you remember the genius of 1960s television?

Great TV from the 1960s.

Great TV from the 1960s

Do you remember laughing at well-crafted programs that captured our imaginations -- even with with very rudimentary sets and a complete absence of special effects.

Some of these programs were so well written and acted, that they are still funny to this day.

As a confirmed Baby Boomer of 60, I'm proud to say that some of these shows when I catch them today trigger a flood of memories and nostalgia.

Here's my top 5:

While the screen was monochrome and the sets were poor at best, every night Jed, Grandma, Elly-May, Jethro, the Drysdales and all of their The Beverley Hillbillies friends always delivered.

The Beverly Hillbillies 1x01 The Clampetts Strike Oil


This spin-off of the highly successful The Beverley Hillbillies featured Lisa, Oliver, Eb, Mr Hanley, Sam and the team gracing our sets with simple but effective dialogue. 

1966 opening theme to Green Acres tv show

This spin-off of the highly successful Green Acres featured a host of stars (many of them from Green Acres) entertaining us royally, in spite of the lame costumes and very small production budget.

Petticoat Junction - Season 1, Episode 01 (1963) - Spur Line to Shady Rest

F-Troop is one of my all-time favourites. This unique look at the 1800s in the United States featured Argarn, Wrangler Jane, Captain Parmenter, Chief Wild Eagle, Hannibal Dobbs, Sergeant O’Rourke and their team, all of who were unique characters in themselves.

"Fort Lee, Salutes Fort Courage"

There was also The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Initially monochrome and later colourised, this show included Dobie, Maynard, Yvette, and a cast of actors, many of whom went onto bigger and better things. Some are still entertaining us today.

None of these shows ever won any awards, but they entertained millions with well-written dialogue and stories we related to.

What were your favourite programs from the 1960s?

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