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Ys is your voice. Give it something to say.

Got an opinion? Of course you have.

Is it the way our politicians behave? Or don’t? Have you seen a movie you loved, or hated? Has your sports team let you down, again? Was it a restaurant you loved, a wine you couldn’t stop raving about, or a book you haven’t been able to put down?

If you have an opinion and want to be heard, keep reading. If you want a bigger audience, you are in the right place. If you want to be better recognised for your thoughts and ideas, Ys can help. If you are passionate and have something to say, you should blog with us.

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WHAT – is Ys?

Ys is an online community, integrating content, social media and online retailing. Ys aims to be the world’s largest global village supporting the world’s largest marketplace.

At its heart is YsPeople, an online community.

YsPeople is the place where members feel they belong. It is certainly where they feel comfortable.

WHY – does Ys exist?

YsPeople was developed largely for an over-50s audience, an affluent demographic that is feeling invisible and unheard in this rapidly evolving world, according to research.

YsPeople provides the platform for them to have fun, learn, grow, connect, get inspired, and change themselves and the world around them.

YsPeople creates the certainty and delivers the variety its members (YsFriends) need. It empowers them and helps them connect with each other. It helps its members grow and contribute to the broader community.

YsPeople will be led by its members - and bloggers just like you. YsPeople gives members and bloggers a voice and avenues for influencing the broader community.

YsPeople provides an alternative to the traditional media, entertaining, engaging, inspiring and empowering readers.

WHAT – is a YsBlogger?

A YsBlogger is an influencer – someone who is passionate about a subject and wants to share their views with an engaged and growing audience.

A YsBlogger wants to influence their community, while growing personally as they hone their communication skills.

A YsBlogger may not be an experienced blogger – but they will have the potential to become an elite blogger, with a sound knowledge of their special subjects.

WHAT – if you have never blogged before?

Work with us and we will help make the most of your talents. Email the editor and see how we can help.

WHY – blog with YsPeople?

By posting on YsPeople, you will reach a growing and highly engaged audience.

The target membership is 3 million.

You will also be a member of a vibrant and influential community, become eligible for Blog of the Week and Blogger of the Month status, receive discounts on Ys shopping malls as they open, and become eligible for a modest fee when the membership provides for it.

HOW – do you get involved?

To become a YsBlogger, simply apply by filling in the form below.

All we require are your first and last name, plus your blog URL or sample of your work.

The editor will reply to your application within 24 hours (excluding weekends).