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I'm a financial adviser/investor of 25 years, specialising in minimising the impact of black swan events. Black swan events such as the GFC can be devastating and very difficult to predict.

There's a few things to consider before downsizing.

On the age pension and considering downsizing?

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Here are four key things to consider when it comes to the age pension and downsizing your home.

Superannuation Money Ageing Retirement
2 months ago
(Money & Business)
Courting controversy, the Commonwealth Bank.

The CBA culture wars continue

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Once again, the Commonwealth Bank is in the firing line.

Social Issues Business Money
10 days ago
(Money & Business)
Ranty, fear-based media reporting can lead to a very warped view of the world.

Here's the truth about tax and franking credits

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The media is guilty of presenting a warped view of the world when it comes to investors in account-based pensions.

investing Business Money
25 days ago
(Money & Business)
For retirees drawing on their funds, there are pitfalls to volatile investments.

Wanted: A better way to measure investment risk

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The twin elements of investment are risk and return.

Retirement Ageing Money
2 months ago
(Money & Business)
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