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About Justin

I am a PR/Marketing student, passionate about sports, movies, television and the media.

Your phone could save you a lot of time! Image: Shutterstock.

Get efficient with these time-saving apps

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Mobile apps are some of the best ways to create efficiency in your life.

Money Business Technology
20 days ago
(Money & Business)
Chase your dreams, people! Picture: Supplied.

Saying goodbye to 'what if?'

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Whatever it is, no matter your age, if you’re passionate about it, you should go for it.

Business Hobbies Relationships
About 2 months ago
The CNN Website The Day of The Tweet.

CNN versus the world

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How CNN went to war with the internet - and lost.

Technology US Trump TV
2 months ago
(Entertainment & Culture)
The youth want to hear what you have to say! Picture: iStock.

Get your voice heard on YsPeople

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There is an audience for you, but where do you find it?

YsBlogger Hobbies Opinion Reviews Community
About 1 month ago
What do you think of Australia day? Picture: ABC.

Australia Day: Is January 26 appropriate?

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What are your thoughts on an appropriate date to celebrate Australia Day? Here are mine.

Social Issues Community Politics Australia
About 1 month ago
Be aware of the warning signs! Picture: iStock.

Stroke warning signs you may be missing

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What if you have a stroke and nobody is around to help?

Ageing Fitness Health
About 1 month ago
(Health & Beauty)
Want to bond with your teenagers? Try embracing their favourite TV shows.

TV shows your teens are probably watching

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Want to bond with your teens? Maybe you can watch these popular TV shows, too!

Relationships TV
2 months ago
(Entertainment & Culture)
Sports help inspire, build relationships, community and teach valuable life lessons to boot.

How loving sports can keep you young

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Sports may seem like they are only for the young and fit. But here's how they can keep everyone connected and young at heart.

Ageing Family Health Sport
2 months ago
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