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I have lived a lot of years and the more years I have lived, the fewer answers i have found. I hope that by engaging here we can discover some answers together.

Love yourself.

The barrier to self compassion

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Why do we tend to judge ourselves far more harshly than others?

Relationships Health
17 days ago
Sex games can be hugely beneficial in the bedroom.

Do you want truly mindful sex?

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If you've found one or both of your minds wandering during sex, here's what to do!

Ageing Dating Relationships
7 days ago
I want to explore my relationship with this ‘voice’, this androgynous ‘being’ that has been following me around for 53 years.

The first time I met the voice in my head

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By the way, if you have voices in your head from a past life or a second personality, you may like to seek psychiatric help. I...

About 1 month ago
(Love & Relationships)
Could you live without airconditioning? Many don't remember life without it.

Can you live without airconditioning?

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Up until the 1970s and later, we lived without any form of airconditioning - let alone reverse-cycle.

14 days ago
I am so grateful that I never killed anyone.

Confessions of a Baby Boomer #2

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I am ready to confess .... to crimes committed over many years. What are yours?

29 days ago
Fear stops us being extraordinary.

The first time I met the voice in my head #2

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Fear, more than any other force in life, holds us back. Fear keeps us ordinary, limiting our capacity to live an extraordinary...

Health Ageing Work Relationships
27 days ago
Get Smart was a classic for a reason.

Do you remember life before television?

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My Three Sons, Leave it to Beaver, the Dick Van Dyke Show .... the birth of televison in the late 1950s had a profound effect...

Relationships Celebrities TV
20 days ago
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Guess and you could win.

Who am I? Guess my name to win a bottle of wine

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What kind of lowlife has nothing better to do than catfish somebody.

Help! I think I'm being catfished!

I have a gut feeling that...

(Love & Relationships) About 2 months ago
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