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Share your stories and opinions - you could win six bottles of wine.

Share your story to win six bottles of wine

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The beauty in having lived a little means we all have a story to tell. Since we value your wisdom, there's a monthly prize up...

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About 1 month ago
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Discussion of the week

Tell us about your all-time favourite four-legged friend.

Tell us about that one dog who changed your life

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Every dog lover has had that one four-legged mate who stood out from the pack. Tell us about them.

Nostalgia Health Relationships
5 days ago
(Love & Relationships)

Your Memories

Dogs have much to teach us about living in the moment.

The dog who made my life better

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The greatest gift of all ... a beautiful rescue puppy who stayed by my side nearly 18 years.

5 days ago
(Love & Relationships)

Your Stories


What is Australian culture?

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I see nothing that makes Australian culture distinct. Do you agree?

Australia History Culture
2 days ago
(Entertainment & Culture)

Your Rants

Malcolm Turnbull.

Australia's most disappointing Prime Minister

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Why Malcolm Turnbull tops my list of most disappointing prime ministers.

Australia Politics
4 days ago
(Money & Business)

Your Causes

We can all help make a difference to those too proud to ask for help.

Help a farming family in need at Christmas

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With Christmas nearly here, Aussie Helpers is rallying the troops on behalf of battling farming families. Watch the moving...

Support a Cause Drink Food Christmas
29 days ago

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Australia's most disappointing Prime Minister

Why Malcolm Turnbull tops...

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What is Australian culture?

I see nothing that makes...

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Corporate greed leads to gaming PR fail

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Travelling the road not taken

How on earth did the US,...

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