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It feels fantastic to give a little of ourselves, whether in a smile, a helping hand, or a simple act of gratitude.

In these turbulent global times, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed and insignificant. But together, as an online community, we can try to make life a little easier for those who have fallen on hard times.

"How? And where do I start?'' I hear you ask. Don't worry, we have you covered.

First, have you checked out our Good News section? It's packed full of inspirational stories to get those feelgood juices flowing ... and can be located among the green buttons at the top of the home page. 

It's a section totally dedicated to random acts of kindness, humble gestures and helping your fellow man.

Then we have our Charities section in the navigation bar, where you can find all the inspiration, information and resources you need to become a volunteer. or learn about the charities and not-for-profits doing the very same on a daily basis.

We've invited some of the nation's most reputable charities and causes to work with us. And all their tireless labour, advances and calls to action will be spelled out in detail here.

A comprehensive list of our not-for-profit partners, with links through to their websites, is included on our Supported page.  

Very soon, we'll invite you to vote on which of our charitable partners will benefit in our monthly Cause of the Month fundraisers.

We pledge to donate 0.5% of all profits (our retail sites are coming soon) to the nominated Cause of the Month, with members invited to contribute.

So let's join hands and get stuck in together ... it feels good to make a difference in somebody's life.

And in the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how we can do this better, please email maxine@ysmediagroup.com

Happy travels!

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