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Values - a key to happiness.

A truly valuable lesson from my 60 years

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I have learned a great deal in my 60 years - including the secret to my happiness. What is yours?

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2 days ago

Discussion of the week

Are you sucking the marrow out of every day? Picture: Shutterstock.

Why you must suck the marrow out of every day

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If you knew you were doing to die next week, would you be doing what you are doing now? Discuss!

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3 days ago


Elderly man head-bangs to Metallica in car

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Just watch that steering wheel, sir.

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3 months ago
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Watch: Why aren't Millennials f****ing?

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Comedians are worried about the decline in population.

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3 months ago
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Amy Poeller and Will Ferrell turn on the laughs.

Watch: Laugh with Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell

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The world's two funniest people answer your questions

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2 months ago
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Huffington Post.

Elderly ‘bowling ladies’ in Beyoncé parody video

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In hopes of saving their beloved lawn bowls club, three elderly Australian women shimmied and shook to create a Beyoncé parody...

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About 2 months ago
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