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French bulldogs are flat-faced and unable to properly breathe.

How we are loving some dogs to death

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If you truly love dogs, you must watch this video. Then share it with your friends.

Health Kindness Pets
6 days ago
(Love & Relationships)

Discussion of the week

What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story with us> Picture: Shutterstock.

Christmas: Love it or hate it?

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What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story and you could win.

Support a Cause Kindness Relationships Christmas
20 days ago

Your Memories

They were happy days in the time of black and white.

Do you remember black and white?

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It was a time when most of your media was devoid of colour. And it was great!

Movies Technology TV
5 days ago

Your Stories


Finding my own voice, at last

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After a lifetime of fitting into other people's expectations, it's finally my time to speak up and have my own voice - and...

Relationships Community Ageing
4 days ago
(Love & Relationships)

Your Rants

Inappropriate relatives are one of the joys of Christmas.

Christmas, the season so bizarre

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Sure, it is great to see the kids, but what about lecherous Uncle Bill, drunken Aunty Mary and the sister who bores you shitless?

Money Relationships Christmas
5 days ago
(Ys Comment)

Your Causes

Dr Gary Johns.

Should charities advocate?

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It's a debate we need to have: should charities be free to lobby the governments they are funded by in a bid to change policy?

Community Support a Cause
4 days ago

How to grow a business using YouTube

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Discover how to use social media to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

YsBlogger Youtube Social Media
Originally from socialmediaexaminer.com
(Money & Business)

How blogging can help whip your finances into shape

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My money habits are pretty solid and that has much to do with the fact that I write about money for a living.

Business Cash YsBlogger
Originally from lifehacker.com.au
(Money & Business)

This is how I get paid to travel the world

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After six years of blogging, the most common question I get is: “how do you make money travelling?”

International Travel YsBlogger
Originally from expertvagabond.com

10 social media predictions for 2017

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Get the most out of your strategy and find out where you should spend your time.

YsBlogger Social Media
Originally from inc.com
(Money & Business)

How this blogging duo changed the face of makeup industry

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Meet sisters Sam and Nic (aka Pixiwoo), blogging stars and the brains behind the brand Real Techniques.

Originally from buzzfeed.com
(Health & Beauty)
We'll have plenty for everyone in the new year.

Merry Christmas to all, from the YsPeople gang!

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Peace, love, gratitude ... plus, what's happening here in the new year.

YsPeople Christmas YsBlogger
12 months ago
Michael Sampson enjoys sharing his life observations on YsPeople.

Make your voice heard - with YsBlogger

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Sit back and watch Michael Sampson explain why he loves airing his views on YsPeople.

YsBlogger Hobbies
12 months ago

Fashion bloggers to disclose paid post deals

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Fashion bloggers and social influencers will need to let their followers know whether a post has been paid for or not, under...

Business Fashion YsBlogger
Originally from vogue.com.au
(Money & Business)
Sammy's no slouch when it comes to rattling cages.

Connect on YsPeople ... and make new friends

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This blogger may be shy, but that doesn't stop him connecting with our YsPeople community.

YsPeople Relationships YsBlogger
9 months ago
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