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By following a few commonsense rules, online dating isn't so scary after all.

How to stay safe while dating online


Have you found yourself single again in midlife? Thinking about online dating? Read this first.

Health Relationships Technology
3 days ago
(Love & Relationships)

Discussion of the week

Do you have a canny tip for saving money.

Share your money-saving hacks here

Everyone loves to save a dollar or two when they can. Do you have any money-saving tips to share with your YsFriends?

2 days ago
(Money & Business)

Your Memories

I hated school, but felt free during the daily walk there and back.

Do you remember walking to school?

Walking the few kilometres to and from school used to be a favourite part of my day. That's not the case for today's kids.

Community Culture Nostalgia
About 3 hours ago

Your Stories

View From Mt.

Tasmania turns it on for these grey nomads

Dave and Ellen Smith get familiar with some stunning historic architecture, a new house sit, dodgy drivers and a frozen bum.

Relationships Health Ageing Australia Domestic Travel
2 days ago

Your Rants

Marriage is a con, serving no purpose at all.

Marriage is a symptom of ugliness

Relationships and love have astonishing value. But marriage? Pffffft, what a con!

Social Issues Community Relationships
1 day ago
(Love & Relationships)

Your Causes

These recipients are proving that organ donation is life.

Transplant athletes flying flag for organ donation

For proof of the benefits of organ and tissue donation, you need look no further than these elite athletes.

Fitness Health Support a Cause Sport
6 days ago

How to grow a business using YouTube

Discover how to use social media to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Social Media YsBlogger Youtube
Originally from socialmediaexaminer.com
(Money & Business)

How blogging can help whip your finances into shape

My money habits are pretty solid and that has much to do with the fact that I write about money for a living.

Business Cash YsBlogger
Originally from lifehacker.com.au
(Money & Business)

This is how I get paid to travel the world

After six years of blogging, the most common question I get is: “how do you make money travelling?”

International Travel YsBlogger
Originally from expertvagabond.com

10 social media predictions for 2017

Get the most out of your strategy and find out where you should spend your time.

Social Media YsBlogger
Originally from inc.com
(Money & Business)

How this blogging duo changed the face of makeup industry

Meet sisters Sam and Nic (aka Pixiwoo), blogging stars and the brains behind the brand Real Techniques.

Originally from buzzfeed.com
(Health & Beauty)
We'll have plenty for everyone in the new year.

Merry Christmas to all, from the YsPeople gang!

Peace, love, gratitude ... plus, what's happening here in the new year.

YsPeople Christmas YsBlogger
About 1 year ago
Michael Sampson enjoys sharing his life observations on YsPeople.

Make your voice heard - with YsBlogger


Sit back and watch Michael Sampson explain why he loves airing his views on YsPeople.

YsBlogger Hobbies
About 1 year ago

Fashion bloggers to disclose paid post deals

Fashion bloggers and social influencers will need to let their followers know whether a post has been paid for or not, under...

Business Fashion YsBlogger
Originally from vogue.com.au
(Money & Business)
Sammy's no slouch when it comes to rattling cages.

Connect on YsPeople ... and make new friends


This blogger may be shy, but that doesn't stop him connecting with our YsPeople community.

YsPeople Relationships YsBlogger
About 1 year ago
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Marriage is a con, serving no purpose at all.

Marriage is a symptom of ugliness

Relationships and love have...

(Love & Relationships) 1 day ago
She truly does love, honour and obey Jim.

Jim really does spank his wife often

Part two in the story of...

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Camel milk vanilla slice.

Camel milk vanilla slice

A delicious slice created...

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I'm dying of laughter!.

These fabulous puns have groan on me

Everybody loves a good pun,...

(Pastimes) 6 days ago
Do you have a canny tip for saving money.

Share your money-saving hacks here

Everyone loves to save a...

(Money & Business) 2 days ago
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It's 35 years since the Ash Wednesday bushfires in South Australia and Victoria claimed 75 lives and more than 2500 buildings.