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The police are on the way

About Dave

The Adventures of Dave and Ellen as we travel this big place they call Oz. You can follow us at justmovindowntheroad.com is to travel the roads of Australia in a safe manner to explore and see what and when we want and meeting others doing the same..

I turned my back on my wife for a minute and she was gone in a flash, causing goodness knows what mischief for us.

So I write a blog weekly on our travels -- I have done for some 80 weeks now -- and I always try to keep it upbeat and have fun. 

The House on the Hill.

The House on the Hill.

But we also have things happen to us and while this occurred a while ago now, new readers would not have seen it.

While travelling I look out for the oddball, or different stories and photos, to try and be a little different than your run-of-the-mill travel blog. And so far, we've been lucky in spotting strange or different things.

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So, a little background first about this one, on our travels we spotted a church up on a hill and had to get some shots of it. ​While winding up the hill, the old houses were stunning and some were so well looked after -- I had to drive slowly just checking them out, as you do. We turned down street after street finding little gems everywhere.

The tree-lined streets had terrace houses with chimneys on the skyline everywhere we looked and I was enjoying the vista. So I turned up the next street and up ahead, just on the corner, was this house that was not only huge, but one of the best-looking houses to date.

So I turned into that street and parked, leaving the engine going for the wife because it was hot, and grabbed the camera. I headed back up the street and across the road so I could get a good angle, lifting the camera to take a good number shots -- just looking up at the house, the colours and imagining the views it must command from its spot  

So I am standing there looking at my shots, and looking up checking out the house, and I notice a blonde lady at the gate. I think it must be the owner and go back to the camera, when all of a sudden it hits me, that is not the owner.

It's my wife!!!! She has got out of the car, run up to the house gate and is pushing the intercom saying something. I can’t hear what she is saying, but I look up and down the road and make a break for the car. No way she is talking to the house owner she doesn't even know!!

Well I jumped back in the car, which was still running with keys in it, and just sat there not sure what was going to happen next. After a few minutes she jumps in and I ask what she was doing.

She replies: ''I wanted to tell them they have a lovely house, but they didn't answer the intercom. There was a sign stating all delivery's to back of house.''

I said to her: ''They probably looked out, saw you and said to each other, 'oh my God, there is a peasant at the gate. Quick, don't let her see you'.'' 

I felt it was time to leave before we were fronted by a local cop, wanting to know more about the two people taking photos and casing houses that the locals had called them about.

I drove up the street and around the corner to the old church, where I pulled up and took the camera into the church grounds to take some shots. As I walked back out onto the road, parked in front of us was a police car.

Oh my God, my heart starts racing as I slowly head over to the car.

Then something catches my eye .... the local police station sign. Be still my heart!!!!

​Hell, I was feeling a bit off just taking some shots at the ocean pool. I am/was afraid with the kids about, but lucky my wife was with me or I could have been looked at strangely. It's so wrong, but sadly it is the world we live in. 

If you wish to catch up with more of our travels, do come and read our blogs on our web sIte.

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